Nursery News

It has been lovely to see the Nursery children throw themselves into a new learning focus this week. They are exploring Spring and have been observing the different signs in their garden and the Woods.

Today they got busy planting their own seeds as part of their exploration of living things and how they grow and develop. The children planted sweet peas today and were able to talk about what they’ll need to grow. An exciting time ahead watching their flowers appear (hopefully) over the next few weeks.

Mrs MacDonald brought in some beautiful stones she made for the children to explore. Look how busy the children were today – sorting them and using them to support their counting. Mrs Christie, Mrs Dunnett and Mrs June have already placed their orders for some to take home for their gardens.

The Nursery teachers have also been discussing choices and the opportunities the children have to make choices in their learning. This week the children were encouraged to choose where to have their snack. Look at all of the lovely places to eat in our outdoor area. Sailing away on a boat with a snack bowl looks just perfect.