Parent Council

Parent Council

The role of the Parent Council is to:

  • support the school in its work with pupils
  • represent the views of all parents
  • encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community
  • report back to all the parents in the school (called the Parent Forum)
  • play a role in the appointment of Head Teachers and Depute Head Teachers
  • support the school and pupils during school inspections.

Further information on the role of Parent Councils can be found in the guidance on the Parental Involvement Act.

Our Parent Council Chairperson is currently rotated around all members:

Staff and pupils very much appreciate the help given by the Parent Council to the school. New members are welcome at all times.

Parental Involvement

At Milton Primary we believe that through building a positive partnership with you we can enable your child to be the best that they can be. The success and strength of the school lies in the positive relationships between staff, pupils and their parents.

Good communication with the school will always lead to a better outcome for your child. We always welcome parental interest in the welfare of our pupils.

We work very hard to keep you informed regarding your child’s progress and any key decisions being made about their education.

Parental information is obtained from questionnaires issued regularly at Parent evenings and from Parent Forums. The Head Teacher may ask you some questions in the playground from time to time just to ensure that we are always up to date with your thoughts on the progress of the school.

Newsletters are sent home monthly to share any news and school achievements; they ensure parents are always aware of any significant diary dates or changes to the normal school week.

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