We’re Back Together

This week saw the return of our P4-7 children and it has been FANTASTIC to have all our pupils in school, where we feel they belong.

The children have done really well – let’s hope we don’t have to do online learning ever again.

Here are some of the activities they have been learning/getting up to this week…

P567 looked at a little bit or grammar and used some verbs and adverbs in a funky way. We read the book called ‘Z got Zapped’ which goes through each letter of the alphabet with a sentence and a picture about something that is happening to that letter. We then got given a random letter and had to create our own. Can’t wait to put these all on the wall to create an adverb word bank for us to refer back to!

Finishing shape learning from before christmas today by looking at the nets of 3D figures. We had to create a 3D figure and then unfold it to see the net before drawing it out. We were looking for patterns with pyramid shapes and prisms. 3D nets can be quite tricky but using the magnetic and click together shapes were a great help šŸ˜Š

P345 were given a staff member name and had to draw/paint them! Can you guess who?

Miss Hunter and Mrs Christie made some changes in P345. They spoke spoke to the children last week and asked them what they’d like to see in our classroom when they return. The most popular answers were a shop corner, jigsaws, Lego, crafts, more outdoor time and dragons! So…they said and we did! It’s not perfect yet but it will evolve as we speak to the children over the next wee while. We also changed our seating and the classroom feels much more spacious.
Enjoying the loose parts area this week in the playground.

P123 have some new resources for enhancing their experiences in play…

Team work to complete a tricky puzzle.