Primary 3/4/5 Explore Milton

The children in Primary 3/4/5 have spent this term learning about their local community alongside Miss Bremner and Mrs Christie.

We were fortunate enough to welcome Mrs Williams to our class who took us on a walking tour of Old Milton and spoke a little about the history of some of the buildings and plots in the village. We were so intrigued about the story of ‘Mill Mount’ – a house which was bought and knocked to the ground by the owners of ‘Tarbat House’. We were welcomed into the grounds of the Old Mill and had the opportunity to ask some questions to the current owners. We also learned about the history of the cross and what it represents. Who knew Milton used to be a bustling market place.

Sadly, while we were out in the community we saw that some parts were not well kept and had been neglected over the years. Miss Bremner has been exploring how to look after our community and the role we can all play in helping to do this. A small group of very responsible children were tasked with clearing up the Cross area and were delighted to be joined by 2 members of the community to help them. We are very grateful to Mairi and William and the children returned to school delighted with their efforts as they watched the carvings reappear around the bottom of the cross.

Today, we hiked out to the outskirts of the village to look across the water. We identified oil rigs as well as the bright yellow jackets which are dominating the Nigg yard at the moment. We spoke about what they were for and even called in some expert help to set the scene for the final part of our topic – the role of renewables in our community. The children had a fantastic time out by the shore – throwing stones in the water and scavenging for treasure in the rubble. I only wish we could’ve stayed longer.