Outdoor Nursery Fun

The children in the Nursery have been making the most of the spring weather and playing out in the garden being creative with the loose parts.

They received some lovely slates which the children have loved using as mini chalkboards for mark making.

They have also been using the hula hoops, planks, crates and exploring the resources in the storage shed.

These children made their own hopscotch using the hula-hoops.
These children were off merrily down the stream in their boat!
The girls loved bouncing along on the space-hoppers seeing how high they could go.
The children have loved using the crates, planks of wood and tyres to build their own obstacle courses – super for practising their balance skills.
The construction area is very popular especially with the addition of the special equipment.

The Nursery children continue to enjoy their weekly session in the woods too. They were busy this week exploring and managing their own risk when climbing trees.

We are all very excited to watch the Nursery garden evolve over the next little while as the signs of spring are already popping up. They have such beautiful raised beds we have no doubt we will start to see them change over the next little while! We also welcome the donation of any further loose parts – we are very grateful for the new slates kindly brought in by one of our service users 🙂