Wow Work in P5/6/7

Ove the last couple of weeks P5/6/7 have been working extremely hard in and outside of the classroom so we thought it would be good to share some of their fabulous work.

We combined art and science over the last couple of weeks by drawing realistic representations of the planets. We learnt about how to shade a sphere as well as how to shade using chalk pastels, combined that with paying attention to details and voila! Delighted with the results of the finished planets and the picture doesn’t even do it justice in comparison to real-life. A real proud piece of work for the class that will be proudly displayed on our ceiling for the remainder of the year 🙂 We’ll always have the chance to look up to space!

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As well as creating some fantastic art works in our science topic, we also got creative in our grouping and place value lessons as we introduced ‘The Base Ten Men’

We created a face from dienes equipment and then calculated the value of each feature of the face. We had to rename the value in a different way. A target for us all is try work out the amount of tens or hundreds in the whole of a number (120 has 12 tens in it or 1130 has 11 hundreds) but we need to ensure we can visualize it and understand the relationships between the numbers. We must see the connections rather than learning to take away the zeros. The class then created their own ‘friends’ to complete the task with and we were joined by Garry, Jimmy, Bob and much more!

Finally, the P7 Junior Sports Leaders and their P6 assistants have been doing a fabulous job leading football and games sessions at lunch times so I thought I’d share some pictures of their hard work. Real responsibility, organisation and hard work 💪 👏 Their efforts are fantastic.

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