Fruity Friday

Friday saw our First Fruity Friday of the session! We were delighted to see so many children bringing fruit for snack and the Captains/Vice Captains were delighted to be visiting the classroom and recording their house points. Mrs Christie got a bit excited and offered 10 points for bringing a piece of fruit on Seesaw, however, on reflection staff and children agreed that 1 point would be awarded per piece of fruit (has to be eaten), 5 points for a SHANARRI Superstar ticket and 10 points for a Hall of Fame certificate.

We would love to see the children bring fruit for snack every day but if we could give it a big push and discourage other sugary snacks and drinks on a Friday that would be great. On other days – if we notice your child bringing fruit they may be awarded a SHANARRI superstar ticket for making healthy choices.

At the end of term House point totals will be recorded and the winning house will receive a reward of some kind which the children will be involved in choosing.

Fruity Friday totals for week beginning 13.09.21 are as follows:

Balnagown – 17 points

Kilmuir – 18 points

Logie – 17 points

Here is Primary 3/4/5 modelling their healthy snacks!