School News

What a busy few weeks it has been in our school. We have all definitely settled back into our routine just in time for our long weekend. Can you believe we are half way through Term 1?!

Primary 1/2/3 have been exploring families in their topical work. They’ve looked at the different people that are part of their own families and this week they have started to look at how advanced technology has become since their parents and grandparents were their age (no offence intended). They had to cut carefully round the pictures and sort them into 3 categories- ‘Today, When Mum and Dad were Children, When Gran and Grandad were children.’ I bet some of the children thought some items were very strange indeed!

Primary 3/4/5 are learning about the Vikings. They have explored who they were, where they lived and what kind of buildings they had in their villages. Miss Bremner has explored Viking Runes and weapons with the children too. This week they went on to design their own Shields which we will share with you once they’re complete! Have a look at their lovely Viking Village below which we will add to as our topic progresses.

Primary 5/6/7 have wowed Miss Crew with their Numeracy work this week. They’ve been working on several practice activities to support their basic facts work – board games and their very own grafitti paper for subtraction.

They were even given permission to be vandals by recording their maths work on the table. These children were working on the jump strategy for subtraction – look how well they’ve recorded their thinking.

A lovely model by Miss Crew!

Have a great weekend when it arrives. We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Wednesday 15th September.