What a buzz in the Nursery…

The nursery children have shown an interest in the buzzy bees who have been visiting the beautiful flowers in their garden. The staff have supported the children and planned experiences to move their learning forward in this interest. Have a look at the photographs to see what they’ve been getting up to.

Taking a closer look with magnifying glasses.
Making drawings of bees looking at those who were sadly found dead in the garden.
Poor wee bee – working till it drops.
Using the coloured shapes to make a honey comb.
A beautiful painting of the bee visiting the flowers for some pollen.
Using their interests as a stimulus for developing fine motor skills.
Exploring the life cycle of a bee.

They’ve been reading some lovely stories too such as ‘The Beeman’ which Emma said even taught her a thing or 2 about bees. Mrs Christie was there for a lovely circle time yesterday where the children were able to tell me the difference between the worker bees and the difference in the male and female bees. It was very interesting.

The nursery staff have some exciting future learning opportunities planned which we can’t wait to share with you soon.