Muddy Puddles

Good afternoon

We have had a few complaints this week about children coming home muddy, wet and cold.

It is vital that children get fresh air and the grass is muddy.  Please could children come to school in suitable footwear and clothing that is waterproof. We have mentioned previously due to our Covid Guidelines that we should be trying to be outside as much as possible.

If you require wellies let us know and we can provide you with some so they can keep their feet dry when they are outside. As the temperature has dropped, the school building is colder as we have to keep windows open to ventilate so  you might want to put another layer on your child.

Can we now ask that your child is provided with a pair of labelled indoor shoes please that can be kept in school as the carpets are getting quite muddy now, this will also mean they are not sitting in wet shoes. We are more than happy for you to put in spare socks etc in their bag.

Thank you,

Mrs Dunnett