Odd Socks

We rounded off Anti Bullying Week today by wearing odd socks.

At Assembly the children were asked why we were wearing odd socks. They were able to give a definition of bullying and what to do and provided loads of examples as to how and how why we are all different. It was clear they have learnt a lot from their activities and discussions this week.

Here is a picture of our odd socks to show that everyone is different and unique and that is okay.

In P567 Some children who forgot about the odd socks decided to sit out as they wanted to make the true message come through but we had a nice discussion about how choosing not to wear odd socks (or forgetting) is you being yourself and that personal choice is important. One child forgot about socks altogether and we thought it was best not to put a picture up with their bare feet šŸ˜‚ such a lovely statement in support of us all working together as a team against bullying.