Home Learning Reminders

Good Morning Everyone,

Wishing you all a very Happy Friday.

All Milton Primary and Nursery Staff met yesterday, it was lovely to see everyone for a ‘virtual’ tea break. We took the time to discuss what is going well for home learning and what we need to make a little clearer. From this discussion, I’ve done my best to summarise our expectations below.

But first, a huge well done to everyone who is successfully engaging with the home learning experiences we are providing. We really do mean it when we say we like seeing what the children are getting up to. Mrs Sinclair also shared she has been keeping up to date with the class blogs which is lovely to hear.

Registration & Engagement

  • Class teachers must complete their registers by 3.00pm at the very latest. This means we need you to comment on your child’s class blog or ensure your child comments on their Google Classroom by 3.00pm at the very latest or their attendance will not be recorded for that day.
  • We also must also track learning engagement every day. Class Teachers are currently doing this the following day (in hindsight) allowing maximum time for completion of learning tasks.
  • If you have not registered or supported your child to engage with learning, we will have to follow Highland Council Protocol which you were emailed previously but I’ve also uploaded it to this post should you need a reminder.

Google Meets

  • All staff are being so positive about meeting with the children on their Google Meets. It’s great to have the opportunity to check in with everyone.
  • We understand some families have been having trouble accessing these, if this is the case, send an e-mail to your child’s CT or your child’s Google Meet leader and they will be able to send you a link which will take you directly into the meet. I’ve re-attached instructions to this post should you need them.
  • Highland Council have been very clear with their guidelines to be followed when speaking with children on a Google Meet. These MUST take place in a main room of the house for safe-guarding purposes. We appreciate bedrooms might be the quietest room in the house but we must insist your child is in one of the main rooms.
  • Your child should be ready to meet with their Google Meet leader and other children in their group. We politely ask that they are dressed appropriately, the television is turned off, your child is seated in an upright position and snacks are left for after their Google Meet.
  • To ensure all members of the group have equal opportunity to participate in the meet itself, we politely ask that your child mutes their mic for the duration of the meet unless a question is directed at them. This reduces ‘feedback’ on the meet. It also ensures everyone is able to contribute fairly to the discussion and noises in your home don’t interfere with your child’s Meet. Your child’s Google Meet Leader will remind you to do this when they meet with you next.
  • The primary purpose of these meets is to check that your child is safe, well and happy, however, from next week we must build in time to discuss how your child’s home learning is going. This will allow us to ensure we are directing support appropriately and ensure that no child or family feels unsupported with tasks set. Please ensure your child comes onto their meet prepared to discuss their learning experience for that week with their leader as from next week (Week Beginning 18.05.20).


  • We’ve also been made aware of resources (jotters, paper, stationery packs) running out. More information will be coming about this soon. School staff will share this with you when they have an update.

Many thanks for your continued support. Keep an eye out for a special ‘Fruity Friday’ Message coming your way soon.

Attachments: Google Meet – How to Access and Use

Milton Primary School Absence Procedures during Covid19.