We are still waiting for some consent forms to be returned:

  • Primary 7 residential consent form and £10 deposit to be paid by Monday 24th September at the very latest. Just a small reminder though – the remaining £55 needs paid by Monday 8th October.
  • We are still awaiting some permission slips to be returned for our whole school trip to the pantomime. We also require a £5 deposit to be paid by Monday 1st October with the final £5 to be paid by Thursday 1st November Mrs Nimmons must confirm numbers with Eden Court by then so if we have no permission slip and deposit we will not be able to guarantee your child a place.
  • Please sign and return your child’s flu vaccination form whether you would like your child to have the vaccination or not. There is a clear option to state if you’d like them to have it, or not. If you do not return the slip to state your preference your child will not be able to have the vaccination.

Fluoride Varnishing 

  • There was a mix up with our dates and your child DID NOT have fluoride varnish applied today just in case they try to convince you that they don’t need to brush their teeth tonight.