Message from Margo Fraser – Former Teacher

My name is Margo Fraser and I used to teach at Milton Primary a long time ago. In fact, I taught there from 1984 – 1987. I maybe even taught somebody from your family!
I retired from teaching last year after 35 years (a long time isn’t it?!) and this made me think back on all the boys and girls I have ever taught.
Dawn was one of the P4 girls I used to teach in Milton long ago. She was cool, clever and loved horses! When I left that school to go to another school, she gave me a photo of herself and wrote on the back “To Miss Maclennan, love from Dawn”. (Miss Maclennan was my name back then). Dawn grew up, got married and had 2 children of her own. But then Dawn got very sick – so sick she had to go to a lovely place in Inverness called the Highland Hospice. At the Hospice they looked after and cared for Dawn really well. Unfortunately, Dawn was too sick to get better and she died. I was very sad when this happened and decided I wanted to help the Hospice to help other people like Dawn. So I have entered Ness Factor 2018. It’s a singing competition which raises money for the Highland Hospice. I want to help raise money in memory of Dawn and I was wondering if you or your school would like to help me and the Hospice ?
You could help in lots of different ways.
You could:-
• Hold a coffee morning
• Have a car wash
• Hold a sale
• Have a dress-up or down day
• Wear yellow day
• Hold a disco
• Have a sponsored activity
….or any other super idea!

If you were kind enough to be able to raise even just a little money, I would visit your school perhaps at an Assembly and tell you all about what Milton was like when I taught there, as well as tell you more about Ness Factor and even sing you a song (if you want me to!)

If your school would like to contact me, my email is at the top of this letter and my Everyday Hero page is:-

Bye for now and I hope you will manage to help me and so help the Hospice too.
Hope to see you soon!
Margo x

Talk to Mrs Sinclair if you would like to organise an event to support Margo.