Primary 1-3 Living & Growing

Primary 1-3 have been working together to explore living things and how they grow and develop.

Miss Bruce explored needs and wants with the children. They had some pictures and as a group they had to discuss whether the item was required to survive or whether it was just something they would like to have.

Miss O’Brien planted seeds with the children. They discussed what plants need to grow and survive. (All children will be given a plant tomorrow to take home to care for over the holidays. They should bring it back to school afterward so we can discuss it’s growth.)

Miss Ross discussed who the children need to look after them in their lives. The children had to consider who takes care of them in their home and who is responsible outside of their home. They drew pictures to represent this which were shared at Parent’s Night tonight.

With me, the children explored the life cycle of a frog. We talked about what frogs need to grow and develop and compared this to humans. The children had to discuss whether it was fair to hold the tadpoles in school or not.

Here are some photographs of them busy at work below: