Nursery Quiz Night

A huge thank you to those of you who were able to support our Nursery Quiz Night. It really was a super night made even better by raising a grand total of £400! This money will go toward developing our outdoor snack area.

The winners of the quiz were the ‘Teacher’s Pets’ who scored a whopping 51 points. Here they are pictured below with their prizes. 51fbc79b-56df-4740-8b09-ae26c15acab9

Commiserations to the team in last place who managed to secure the wooden spoon prize nicely – ‘1+1’. 3ed3ef0c-b052-4e02-a5a3-3bcb361a030c.jpg

Thank you to all of our lovely staff who gave up their Friday night to make this event such a success. Special thanks to the quiz master- Mrs Forth.

Thank you Mairi, at the Mercat,  for allowing us to host the event at the Mercat and for helping us clear up afterward.

We were overwhelmed by the baking donations so a huge thank you to everyone who contributed. Everyone was able to enjoy a lovely half time refuel! (Champagne & Whisky not included). 2aef12e1-ac61-454e-963d-9dac59c4ebbb.jpg

Congratulations to Lily who had the lucky star and won the champagne. Her Mum has promised to look after it until she’s 18. c5cc36b9-ecc4-49c4-a61d-1095df82b105

Congratulations to all of our prize winners. Some of the children took to modelling the prizes for Mrs Forth’s photo.22407f65-2578-4dbe-a369-0fa080cb51d6

I hope you all have a very restful weekend. We will keep you updated with our progress in developing our outdoor area.

Happy Friday!

Mrs Christie