Learning in P567

Amazing board of discussions from our Fractions Choral Count today! I presented the class with the black fractions on a blank page and then we got to work with our colours. Some fantastic learning pulled out from something so simple 👏 A lot of patterns discovered and linking fractions to whole numbers with some even linking to times table knowledge and decimals. Blown away 😊 The class worked in pairs to complete the task themselves before we collated everything on the board to share and discuss.
We have been learning about perspective in our art work this week. Check out our fab Titanic drawings where we had a go at putting perspective into practice. Don’t they look like they are coming towards us!
Fractions counting collections turned out fantastically. Groups were given a bag of shapes and explained that the hexagons were worth 1 and then asked them to count out the whole bag. It took a minute of two for them to realise my cryptic clues but they made some fantastic fractions connections 👏
Finished results. Some great understanding of patterns and shapes fitting together and was a nice introduction to our fractions topic today. Brilliant to see the children proving their shapes were hexagons by comparing to the hexagon and checking for equal shapes.

Character inferences today. Pick adjectives to describe the character and back it up with evidence from the chapters read so far.
French Calendar Learning. After completing a couple of intense Blooket Quizzes online to practice our French days of the week and months of the year we played some connect 4. We had to translate the English date to French before we could place our counters.