Maths in Action

In Primary 123 we have been exploring early multiplication and division. The children have been working hard to develop their counting in 2s sequence and using this knowledge to help them solve story problems. We have been thinking a lot about how best to represent our working out and how to record how we actually solved the problem rather than simply saying or writing the final answer. We have also been exploring the concept of sharing items equally between groups of 2, 3 or 4 to help with our division skills.

Primary 3/4/5 have been working on multiplication in numeracy. We have been using a story problem approach to allow us to explore a variety of strategies we can use to help us solve problems. The children surpassed Ms Brewer and Mrs Christie’s initial expectations by using a range of strategies such as counting in 1s and skip counting, doubling knowledge and multiplication facts to help them get the answer. We have used some games and practice work in class to help move our learning forward. It’s lovely to see the children’s confidence growing each week with lots of children in the class building on their multiplication facts already.

P567 have been working on their multiplication strategies through story problems and counting collections. We have been trying to use known facts and derived facts to make our solutions more efficient.

Aren’t the children’s recording brilliant?