‘Move up day’ 2021

A very happy Friday at Milton today as the children moved up to their new classes and met their new teachers (or same old for some). Have a read of what they got up to below.

P123 spent some time getting to know each other and their new classroom. They explored the new play activities and made a special surprise for someone in their house.

After break they talked about how we are all unique and identified the different things that make us ‘us’! Then they all decorated a fish for Mrs Dunnett’s special welcome display.

In the afternoon they were dying to explore the playground equipment so chose to spend golden time outside in the sunshine! They had such a lovely day and we hope the children are looking forward to August as much as Miss Robinson is!

Primary 3/4/5 welcomed some new children and Mrs O’Shea back for the first time since she had her baby. It was lovely to have her back with us and Mrs O’Shea was delighted to see everyone again. She told Mrs Christie lots of times that she couldn’t get over grown up and responsible everyone had got!

They also started the morning with a little bit of free play – the lego area and dinosaurs proved to be hugely popular but jigsaws and the creative station were also given some attention!

They also made something special for a celebration this weekend (which should be in an envelope in your child’s bag).

Mrs O’Shea then read a lovely story about a very unique elephant and everyone was asked to contribute to a class discussion on what made them special. They also decorated some fish which Mrs Dunnett will use for her welcome display.

There was lots of fun to be had outdoors at break time too. There was lots going on from space hoppers to football to ‘cops and robbers’. Mrs Martin took good care of them in the afternoon – they helped to take care of the plants in the playground and polytunnel. Hopefully we remember to keep checking on everything next week for Mrs Martin.

P567 spent the morning doing a selection of games, jigsaws, wordsearches or colouring before settling in to a flags of the world quiz on a new website called blooket. They linked the task to the current class topic of WW2 and solved some morse code to find the phrases ‘Don’t compare yourself to others’ and ‘Everyone is unique and special’ before colouring their own unique fish for a wall display.

After lunch they spent time outside with the future P7s helping Miss Crew teach the rest of the class a game called scatterball that Jake from Active Schools taught us in our Junior Sports Leader Training. It was great to see everyone taking part and cheering their team mates on. Such a lovely day had by all and really making Miss Crew look forward to August!