P3/4/5 Explore the Jurassic Period

Primary 3/4/5 have been learning about dinosaurs for their topic this term. Miss Hunter has been looking at the historical side of this topic by exploring the evidence of dinosaur existence while Mrs Christie has taken charge of Dinosaur characteristics and diet. There have been lots of opportunities for the children to become Palaeontologists in the classroom as well as thinking about the timeline for dinosaur’s existence. They have produced some fantastic pieces of writing this term including posters, dinosaur poetry, reports on invasion in the woods and creating their own characters. We have been working hard to improve our vocabulary and trying to excite our reader when they read our work.

See some examples of our work below:

The children made fossils using some dinosaur bones in the clay.
There was an excavation site in the class on two occasions – the children reported this was a time-consuming process which you needed lots of patience for.
Following some excavation, the children looked at where most of the dinosaurs would’ve existed. I am led to believe that most would’ve been in America/Canada with some in China and a Pterodactyl being from Germany.
An example of a Newspaper report telling us about the invasion in the woods.
An example of a dinosaur description written after making one using an online programme.
A poem example written after reading Mrs Christie’s book ‘You must never touch a dinosaur…’