Set Sail with the Nursery

The Nursery staff were very busy on the In-set day last week making some changes in the outdoor area following observations made of the children in the play environment.

The small hut at the back of the garden was not being used by the children It got Mrs MacDonald thinking and following some discussion with the children and staff she created a lovely boat ticket office! Look at the photographs below to see the transformation. We have no doubt it will grow and develop over time as the children let us know what else the children would like to be added/taken away.


The children were delighted to return to Nursery and explore this new area. They even had a special creature from the sea visit the nursery as well as several donations of creels, fishing rods, life jackets and buoys to make ‘Holly’ and the ‘Ticket Office’ feel even more real! A huge thank you to everyone who kindly donated these items for the children to explore and play with.

The children have been so interested in learning more about the ‘Sea’ that this is going to be the focus of their learning over the next fortnight. It’s amazing what adding some blue food colouring to the water can do too – it looks so inviting and the children soon got stuck in with pouring, measuring and bringing the sea creatures to life. ‘Baby Shark’ was echoing through the building at one point too!

Back outdoors, the potting shed was also not being used for purpose which sparked a HUGE clear out mission. Emma and Mrs Campbell got to work sorting, tidying and making the space an inviting one for the children to play in. They have loved using over the past week to support their growing, planting and interest in taking care of the garden.