Good Morning all,

We have been monitoring parental engagement on our learning application – Seesaw. As I’m sure you all know you, as a parent/carer, play a vital role in your child’s education therefore it’s important that we have an effective method of communicating with you.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Seesaw gives you a great insight as to what is happening for your child(ren) in school and, given the current Covid-19 restrictions, has allowed us to maintain an effective two-way communication with you.

Staff find sharing your child(ren)’s learning journey with you a very valuable process as they know your support is essential to your child(ren) achieving their full potential. We know that homes are very busy places but it’d be very much appreciated by staff, and your child(ren), if you were able to acknowledge your child(ren)’s work by liking or commenting on the post staff have shared.

From personal experience, the children are always very keen to see what has been shared with home and have always been particularly overjoyed when a comment has been left or a ‘like’ is visible. We know this won’t be possible for every single post but if there’s anything stand-out – please do let us know and we can share this with your child or even add it to the ‘Work to be Proud of’ section of their profile.

Many thanks for your co-operation,

Mrs Dunnett