Junior Sports Leaders

Jake our Active Schools Coordinator is back with us this term to deliver the Junior Sports Leader Award with P6 & 7.

Last week he taught the P6 and P7s about the importance of Space for leading games and activities. He tested this theory out by playing a couple of games and changing the ‘pitch’ size as we went. He then introduced the acronym EDIP for teaching new skills to a group. Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate and Practice (give comments and feedback). He taught them some fancy skills with the football and they had a good attempt at trying to learn them with this method.

They then had to use EDIP to come up with our their own skills and teach them to the class.

The Junior Sports Leader Award covers many of our Milton Magnificent 7 Skills which is a great way to reinforce them and show the children how skills are transferred and needed in other activities, areas and experiences and enhancing their skills for learning, life and work.😊