Here at Milton Primary School, we are all committed to a positive policy of encouraging pupils to attend school regularly and on time. This is critical to pupil progress and there are strong links between attendance and performance results. Children frequently get colds, stomach upsets, etc. and some time off due to illness is to be expected.

If your child is unwell, it is necessary for you to phone on the first day. If they are off on Day 1 and still off on Day 4, we need you to re phone with an update.

In Highland, we have a 3-day policy, if there have been 3 days in a row where we have not heard from you we have to get in touch, regardless if we know they have been off ill at the start of the week.

We appreciate the efforts you go to keep in touch, especially messaging in Seesaw – we sometimes don’t pick these up before 9am so if all absence related messages could be either phoned in or emailed to or

A reminder that there is a Bank Holiday on Monday 3rd May therefore there will be no School. On Thursday 6th May school will also be closed for In-Service training.

Thank you for cooperation
Mrs Dunnett