Fabulous Artwork

All classes got very creative this week whilst exploring their Human Body topic.

Primary 5/6/7 visited the Woods on Thursday. They worked collaboratively to complete some puzzles naming the various bones in the skeleton and then worked in groups to create their own using natural materials. Don’t they look fantastic?!

Primary 3/4/5 have been exploring the structure and function of the skeleton. They worked independently to create a paper model of a skeleton incorporating their name. The process was a challenge but we got there and I think the finished pieces look fantastic. Some children also worked very hard to name the various bones of the skelton using their chromebooks and information books to help them.

Primary 1/2/3 have also been producing some lovely artwork. They welcomed two new classmates yesterday to help them remember the names of various body parts which they have cleverly labelled. They’ve also been exploring the skeleton through play. E has made a wonderful job of connecting the bones using pasta!

We have loved looking at the variety of homework we received this week which we will share soon. Please remember to complete 1 task from the Human Body Grid each week as well as the set class homework which will be sent to you via See-Saw on a Monday.