Good evening,

Following constructive feedback from our Parent Council Meeting tonight (minutes to follow) I would like to update you on a few discussions that should clarify things for you.

From tomorrow we will be using the one gate of entry in the morning (top gate), the other one is used much less and parents felt children were being missed despite our best efforts to keep an eye and man! At 3pm, both gates will be open. Please be mindful and continue to follow social distancing rules.

Please can you remind your child to let us know if they cannot use the school sanitiser and come in with their own and apply it at the gate. If they can only use soap and water, a member of staff will escort them in to wash their hands.

As stated on the parent guide for return to school, changing for P.E is optional but in the wetter weather a change would be advisable. Children can change in the toilets should they feel uncomfortable. This is not a problem. Just let us know!


National Guidance on the Administration of Medicines in Schools has been issued by the Scottish Government.

NHS Highland, Highland Council and school staff will work collaboratively to ensure that pupils receive the service they need in the way most appropriate to their personal circumstances.  We will work with pupils and parents/carers to support the healthcare in our school, making reasonable adjustments that children and young people with healthcare needs might need and require.

Where appropriate, we will make arrangements for staff providing healthcare to pupils to receive appropriate training from a health professional, or other accredited source in the care they are providing.

Assistance with intimate care may be needed by children in any school and this will be provided if required to support these needs quickly and with respect for children’s privacy, dignity and rights.

If your child requires medication, please note that this will only be administered by staff when there is clear written guidance from a parent/carer, providing:

  • The name of the medicine, the quantity of the medicine to be given, the time it has to be given.
  • As far as possible prescriptive medication should be given at home by parents/carers. If it is required to be given in school, the medication should be unopen, clearly marked with the directions from the pharmacist and administered as part of an agreed medical protocol.

Please do not send medicines to school with your child without having previously completed the appropriate forms. Due to current COVID regulations forms can be emailed and completed electronically. Contact the school if you wish to do this.

There were lots of questions and queries tonight which was great but please phone or email the school in the first instance and discuss it with us. We are always at the other end to help and discuss concerns or suggestions – I know you can’t come in but we are still here!