Good Afternoon all,

All staff have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming the children back to School this week. A special thank you to parents for having them looking so smart and being so well organised as we all try to adapt to the new normal.

Just a little update on a few things that will be happening next week.

Mairi’s snack bar will not be open at break. Please provide your child with their own snack.

Please be mindful of your child’s footwear – we had lots of wet shoes and socks today and we are not able to provide additional footwear.

P.E Days – you may wish to provide your child with a full change but this is not necessary.

P1/2/3 – Tuesday & Thursday

P3/4/5 – Tuesday & Thursday

P5/6/7 – Wednesday & Friday

Woods Days – To start week beginning 24.08.20

School have waterproof clothing to provide. It’d be helpful if you could provide appropriate footwear but if they are wearing wellies to school, it might be a good idea to pop a pair of indoor shoes in their bag for that day.

P1/2/3– Monday

P3/4/5 – Wednesday

P5/6/7– Every second Thursday

Staffing Update

We welcome Mrs Murray back this year to teach Music. She will teach all classes on a Thursday.


Mrs Martin will teach Primary 1/2/3 every Thursday to cover Miss Robinson’s time out.


Mrs Christie has reduced her working time with us to four days per week. Miss Hunter will teach the class on a Monday and a Tuesday. Mrs Christie will be undertaking management/development tasks on a Tuesday. The children met Miss Hunter yesterday so hopefully this reassures them for Monday.

Mrs Martin will teach the class on a Friday afternoon to cover Mrs Christie’s time out of class.

Primary 5/6/7

Mrs Martin will teach Primary 5/6/7 on a Tuesday afternoon to cover Miss Crew’s time out of class.

Please find the link below to a letter shared by Highland Council today:

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday.