School Chromebooks

As the end of term approaches we will need all Chromebooks returned to the school for the holiday period. The Chromebooks belong to the school and are assigned to the children.

Primary 7s – you will be given Chromebooks when you move on to the secondary.

Miss Crew and I will be collecting Chromebooks next Wednesday 1st July between 9.30-11.30 . We’d prefer if you were able to drop it off and not your child. Please observe social distancing, Miss Crew and I will mark out the pavement to allow for this.

If you are not able to attend school on this day, please e-mail a member of school staff and we will do our best to arrange another day for you to drop it off. I am sure you’ll understand we are not in a position to collect all the Chromebooks from you so we’d really appreciate your assistance with this.