Sharing Home Learning

Good Afternoon all,

Another week of home learning has passed. We hope you and your child(ren) are adapting to this new way of working. School staff have really enjoyed having the opportunity to chat to the children on Google Meets this week. If you weren’t able to join this week, please make an effort to do so next week. These are a great way for the children to catch up with their friends and an adult from school.

Lots of children, particularly in the upper classes, have requested to use Google Meet to speak with their friends while home learning. School staff have no issue with this, however, we urge you to ensure you know when your child is taking part in a Google meet and who with for safe-guarding purposes. Milton Primary and Nursery staff cannot take any responsibility for Meets that have not been previously arranged and are taking place as friendship meets. This is entirely parental responsibility.

I have a couple of pictures to share below that have been emailed to me. The first two are from Peyton’s family who have been busy out in the garden during lockdown. They shared the following about their find: “We recused the frog from an old rock sculpture we were dismantling in the garden it had jumped inside and got stuck (thankfully he was unharmed). There was also hundreds of snails. As for the nest of birds we have been chopping back some trees that have grown out of control and are causing our fence to lean and it was just by luck that we spotted it and we found the baby birds before I chopped the branch. We did find some egg shells but I didn’t get a picture of these.  Peyton and Tehyah have been putting some food out everyday for mummy bird and we will send an updated picture of the nest in a few days when the birds have some more feathers.”

Thank you so much for sharing your lock down story Peyton, we look forward to seeing the updated nest in a few days. image1image2

The last one is of Cameron and Finlay who are finding a routine that works well for them at home. Mum got in touch to say the garden was calling when the weather was warmer and they’d complete their school work later in the day. We are delighted to hear they’ve got their own wee routine worked out.


Please get in touch with your lock down pictures. It doesn’t have to be school work related, we’d love to see what the children are getting up to and share it with their friends to see too. I am sure they are all missing the face to face contact.

Have a nice weekend everyone.