Google Meets

I hope that you’ve all been enjoying some time out in the sunshine.  

I would like to thank everyone for engaging with either the blog or Google classrooms over the past week.  It’s been lovely to see all of the work and fun going on.

In line with new Highland Council policy, myself or Mrs Christie will continue to phone families who are not engaging every three days to see how we can support you.  New guidance has been issued that we must follow.  I will post details of this soon.

We have now set up Google Meet groups for all pupils at Milton P.S. Your child has been allocated a group with a staff member and other pupils in their class. The staff member in charge of your group will phone you with the details before the end of the week. They will tell you the unique group code, time and date of the meet. P4-7 already have access to Google regularly but this may be new for parents from nursery – P3. I have attached a ‘How to’ guide for you to follow. Your child’s group leader will phone you this week to give you the details for your child’s group.

The expectation is that your child is able to join their group each week at the same time for a short, informal chat with their friends and to see a friendly adult’s face from school. All of us are very excited to be able to see you as we’ve missed you all.  

Thank you for your support,

Suzanne Callander