Welcome Back

Good Morning all and a very warm welcome back to Term 4. It may not be the first day back of term we were expecting but nonetheless our teachers are ready and waiting with online learning for you all.

Just a reminder of our expectations:

Nursery and Primary 1-3 parents should comment on their child’s class blog post each day so Mrs Forth, Mrs June, Miss Robinson and Ms O’Shea can note your attendance.

Primary 4-7 should log on to their Google Classroom and let their CTs know they are present and well on their registration post.

The work set is for the day so please feel free to find a time that’s good for you and your child to work on learning tasks but you must register attendance with staff by 3.00pm at the very latest.

If your child is feeling unwell and is unable to complete the work set for that day, please email Mrs Callander:

We will be following up absence calls throughout the week if your child has not engaged so please do get in touch. More information to follow shortly.

Enjoy day 1 of term 4 everyone 😊