Home Learning Day 1

Good evening,

A huge thank you, and well done, to all of the children (and parents) who engaged with the home learning tasks set for today. We’ve had an encouraging response and have loved that some of you have been sharing photographs with us. We would really like to see some more so please do email them across (emails in a previous post).

If, for any reason, your child is unable to engage PLEASE get in touch with Mrs Callander as Class teachers are required to keep a daily attendance register so the children must stay in daily contact with their CTs. If for any reason you are unable to get in touch then please ask someone to do it on your behalf. Her email address is as follows:

Some points to consider from Day 1:

  • P1-3, please just comment your first name on the comment replies. Miss Robinson and Ms O’Shea will know who you are by first name 😊
  • Ms O’Shea’s P2/3 parents were having difficulty reaching her using her g-mail account. Please make sure you are including the apostrophe (aine.o’ but if you are still unsuccessful, Ms O’Shea planned to send out an email to all parents this evening so you can just reply to her. Please check all of your email folders for this, including your junk folder.
  • Not all of Primary 4/5 signed into their Google classroom today. Just a small reminder that your username is your:
  • Mrs Martin discussed the ‘default’ password with you last week in school. You should be asked to change this when you first sign in. However, if you have any password difficulties please direct your query to Mrs Martin:
  • When you first log in, and click on the Primary 4/5 classroom an invitation should be waiting for you. If you are unsuccessful, please ensure you access the class blog to see your tasks for the day.
  • Primary 6/7, Miss Crew has made a second classroom for discussion purposes. This will continue to be monitored by myself and Miss Crew as per the chromebook agreement. Please ensure you keep work posts to the Primary 6/7 classroom and discussions to the other one.
  • Education City was experiencing a high volume of traffic today. Please be patient with the site as it tries to accommodate a larger amount of learners than previously.

Well done everyone on a successful day one. I look forward to seeing what you all get upto tomorrow.

Mrs Christie