Lunch Time Changes

A couple of weeks ago, P6/7 came up with a list of strengths and areas for development in relation to the canteen and playground after some issues became apparent.

First, the children had to share their thoughts about the playground/canteen individually, and anonymously, which we collated and shared with all of the children. Then, working in groups, the children narrowed it down to the five biggest development areas and came up with some solutions.

The children in P6/7 asked to change the canteen regime, however, they had to provide an appropriate solution. They did, we discussed it with Mairi and we had a trial last week.

The changes are simple, P1-3 go in early and are served their lunch by supervising adults. P4-7 go in after and line up to collect their own lunch. Previously nearly all classes were in the canteen at the same time and were all served by p6/7 lunch helpers.

Today the children voted for how they’d like lunches to continue.

The vote was very much in favour of making the changes permanent. So we will continue with the new set up for the foreseeable.