Week 3 at the Shieling Project

A wet, windy and pretty miserable day (weather wise) today at the Shieling Project. Unfortunately, many of our children were not prepared and spent some of the day complaining about being wet and cold. We have waterproofs (jacket and trousers) for every child. Even if they’re slightly small on the legs then these can be tucked into the wellies we have for every child. If your child requires any additional resources to be able to fully participate in this experience then please get in touch with the school, we would be more than happy to assist with this.

So a day indoors was called for. We explored our upcoming building project for the pizza oven. We created some drawings of how we visioned the building to look.

Then we had a go at weaving baskets using willow, in pairs. This was a completely new skill for most of the children. Patience was undoubtedly required as well as excellent fine motor skills!

The trek to the Project
Discussion then walk about/talk about re. our plans
Proud of the finish product. Basket or head massager?

Have a lovely long weekend when it comes everyone. See you all back at school on Thursday 20th February.