Week 2 Shieling Project

Primary 6/7 will travel to the Shieling Project tomorrow. I spoke to the children today about what they will need but here’s a quick reminder bearing in mind what we learned from last week:

  • A waterproof jacket and FOOTWEAR. Trousers are good to have but not essential. Many children arrived in trainers last week. This is not appropriate footwear for the work we will be carrying out. The school has waterproof jackets and wellies your child can borrow if this is going to be a problem.
  • A packed lunch. The children are carrying out manual work and have to walk over a mile to even get to the site so believe me they are hungry. It is essential that they are fuelled properly for the day ahead so they get maximum learning from the experience. If you require anything from school please give me a ring in the morning. If you’ve pre ordeded your child a lunch, this has already been prepared.
  • Spare clothes might be handy just so the children can layer up including hat, scarf and gloves.

I will be opening the side door at 8.45am to invite Primary 6/7 in for some toast or cereal before we depart. We need to leave promptly this week as it takes 1 hour to reach the track to get to the site.

Don’t hesitate to call if there are any questions in the morning. We look forward to having a grandparent volunteer with us tomorrow. Look out for updates on our class blog following our experience.

Mrs Christie