P6/7 Shieling Project

Good Evening everyone,

I am so looking forward to our trip out to the Shieling Project tomorrow. Today, as a class, we discussed what the children will need for tomorrow. This includes:

  1. Warm clothing. Layers are best so the children can add on/remove if need be. I’d suggest taking some extras in their bag too, if possible.
  2. Waterproof clothing is essential as well as waterproof footwear. We do have waterproof suits and wellies for all children in school should they be required. Some children took these home with them today.
  3. A snack and a packed lunch. We’ve had very few requests for a packed lunch made. We are assuming all children will have a packed lunch with them unless they have returned their slip.
  4. Water bottle. I’ll be advising the children take theirs from school but if you are able to provide one from home then even better.

See you in the morning.

Mrs Christie