Staffing & Head Teacher News

Dear Parent / Carer,

You should have received 2 letters today when your child came home from school to explain the changes which will be happening over the coming weeks.

HT News

I need to let you know that I have accepted a 6 month secondment. At the moment there is no start date but as soon as I know more I will be letting you know.

I will be working within a team to develop the changes which are being made to Early Learning and Childcare. As a community we should feel very proud of our Early Learning Centre, School and our Community. You as parents and partners are all amazing and play a huge part in this. I feel very privileged to be the Head Teacher.

Every single day Milton amazes me. No two days are the same and every single day we see children who are so eager to learn and achieve. I truly mean it when I say Milton is a small community with a big heart. Please know that I will be staying in touch and following the progress of our school closely.

The decision to accept this secondment comes at an exciting time for our school. On Wednesday at 4.30 pm we would like to invite our families into the school to hear about our new Positive Behaviour and Relationships Policy. Our new school vision and aims have now been finalised and all improvement priorities will continue as planned. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

The change in management at our school does not mean change for our children in terms of their learning or planned events.

At the moment I am unable to tell you about a start date for the secondment, please feel assured that an Acting Head Teacher will be appointed in due course.

The staff were made aware this morning and I spoke briefly to the children at assembly this afternoon.  Thank you for your understanding and support as we move forward.

Isobel Sinclair

Staffing News 

As you know Miss O’Shea was our PT during Mrs Christie’s maternity leave. Mrs Frances Midgley was covering her management time in P2/3. Mrs Midgley will be leaving us on Wednesday 15th January. I wish to take the opportunity to thank her for her input at our school.

Mrs Christie will be returning to work on Friday 17th January as PT. At this time Miss O Shea will become class teacher in P2/3. Mrs Christie will be working 4 days each week at school, (Tuesday-Friday) using up her holidays over a set period of time.

As pleased as we are to be having Mrs Christie back with us this does have a knock on effect on current staffing. Miss Crew in P6/7 has a temporary contract, this will be reduced from full time to part time on Mrs Christie’s return.

I hope that you will understand that this arrangement is out with our control. Looking at this in a positive light means that P6/7 will have two excellent teachers to learn from.

Miss Crew will be in class Mon-Wed then Mrs Christie for the second half of the week.

Both teachers are excited to share the class. Please know that I will do all I can to try and have Miss Crew back with us full time in the near future should such an opportunity arise.