Promoting Positive Relationships and Behaviour Policy

During our In-Service training days staff worked to develop a new Promoting Positive Relationships and Behaviour Policy.

We feel as a school it is time to make some changes to our current system. We want the children and parents to be fully involved in all changes as this will only be successful if we all work together on required improvements. Sadly last Monday Mrs Sinclair was off ill when she was due to meet with the pupil council and parents to discuss  the document.

Tomorrow morning at 9.30 Carol will be sharing the DRAFT policy with parents at the Action for Children Course. Please pop along to The Mercat if you want to be involved in the next phase of the DRAFT. Your feedback is valued.

In summary:

  • We want a clear guide for new families joining our school
  • We want to list all pupil, parent and staff rights and responsibilities to ensure everyone understands they have an important role to play in supporting all children in our school community
  • Staff want to do more to celebrate positive behaviour
  • Golden time will be replaced with super skills Fridays. Children will still get choosing time throughout the week. Play is not a reward – this is how children learn. Many schools have moved away from Golden time now and we want to ensure our practice is in line with current thinking
  • We will have a whole school recognition board – every 30 days we will start a new whole school target. Staff would like to start with “manners”.
  • The document is by no means complete, Mrs Sinclair will be discussing it again with the pupil council tomorrow afternoon before sharing more widely
  • Any feedback will be taken into account
  • School will be holding a launch night for parents and the wider community later this term.   Mrs Sinclair and the team will present our new vision, values, aims & new policy. A HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute towards these developments. Exciting changes ahead!