Milton Holiday Hub – Week 1

Well what a week it has been here at Milton Holiday Hub!!

We got the opportunity to experience some great activities throughout the week working in partnership with Highlife Highland and Action for Children.

On Monday, the children had the opportunity to be active with Ross County Football Club where they had fun developing their fine and gross motor skills.  We enjoyed a chilled movie afternoon provided by Action for Children.

On Tuesday, the children had the choice of playing old school board games or chosing their own activities within the setting.  We had the pleasure of welcoming some parents who joined us for this activity (who doesn’t love a game of Connect 4 or X’s and O’s??).

Wow Wednesday!! We had a brilliant day from start to finish.  In the morning we had Highlife Highland join us for some active games to develop our gross motor skills.  It was a little yucky outside so the children loved being active running around the hall.  In the afternoon we had the best time with a trip to Milton woods with Highlife Highland.  We all enjoyed an activity where we had to find the leaves which matched our worksheet.  The winners enjoyed some yummy chocolates! It was amazing to see such great teamwork going on throughout our trip to the woods.  Afterwards, we got the chance to toast some marshmallows by the fire making sure we kept ourselves safe.

Friday – we had a great end to the week with Dr Bike who joined us for the whole day.  He set up a great activity for the children to enjoy on their bikes.  They had to time each other on their bikes going round a course in the garden.  The children all got involved in this activity and would like to thank Dr Bike for his visit.  We also had the pleasure of having a dance session in the morning with Demi.

The canteen staff have been amazing at providing such yummy meals throughout the week for all the children, staff, and families to enjoy.  This has been a very popular time for families to join us and we would love for this to continue into week 2.

We have has some great feedback from parents/carers who have joined us throughout the week at different times.

Thank you all for such a great week and we look forward to welcoming you all for week 2.