Garden Opening Party

There is no better sight than a playground filled with smiling faces. What a lovely afternoon in Milton. The garden is open and the fairy doors are all ready to be varnished. We are super excited to see how many fairies will move into Milton Woods over the summer.

The garden would not have been possible without the hard work of Ms Brewer and her green fingered team of adults and children along with Alasdair who arranged the building work.

We are very excited to see what phase 2 will bring after the summer holidays. Alasdair has promised to return very soon!

Now the hard work begins of caring for the plants and vegetables. There is no better gift than to be able to grow your own food👌Just amazing! “Grow Veg Grow”.

Well done to the raffle winners! £115 was raised we will be using this to purchase some additional gardening equipment. Thank you all for your support.