Ben Nevis Update!

Our blog storage has reached capacity so we are currently unable to upload pictures. This should be sorted very soon!

Just wanted to update you all on the Ben Nevis trip! So today we are absolutely delighted to say that Team Milton made it up and down the highest mountain in Great Britain!

It was a very very wet and windy day, we can’t even tell you that the views were amazing because it was so cloudy we couldn’t see very much at all! The total amount raised will be announced at Parents Night on Tuesday, so far this stands at ¬£1200 which is just amazing! A HUGE thank you to everyone for the support. The children will be very excited to begin designing their playground next week. The Parent Council plan to support the playground mission too through hosting several events very soon. This is all very exciting!

We will print off some pictures for you to see next week – there is plenty photographic evidence of some very cold and very wet people to be shared. A huge well done to everyone.

“If you dream it you can do it”