Parent Questionnaire

Hi everyone, Safe, Strong and Free really need your input into their research questionnaire so please if any of your children have had input from the service then please take a few minutes to fill this in…. Also if you wouldn’t mind sharing it that would be great!

The feedback recieved is essential to the continued, successful delivery of the workshops in the most effective manner.

Safe, Strong and Free’s main aim is to reduce the vulnerability of OUR young children to abuse and assault so as a parent I didnt think twice to invest the few minutes it took to feedback on my child’s experience.

Has your child been through our Safe Strong and Free workshops? It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, we would love it if you could fill in this short questionnaire for us.

Your feedback helps to ensure that our programme continues to be useful and relevant so please do pass it on to ALL PARENTS who may be able to help. Thank you 👍❤️😊

Mhairi (Safe, Strong & Free)