Day 2 – update

Mrs Christie has arrived safe and sound and has taken over from Ms Brewer. 2138ea53-7dad-4fa0-9bc1-282ce396c2b8

Day 2 was just as successful as day 1. The sun shone again but there was still a chill in the air. The children took part in a variety of activities in their groupings again. They enjoyed a lovely meal of tomato soup, macaroni and peaches and ice-cream. Many rosy cheeks glowed around the room as I arrived. It’s clearly been a very tiring day! Woodland walks and nightlining took place after dinner followed by a hot chocolate and some biscuits for bed.

Here are some photographs of their day below. I’m sure the children will be sad to leave tomorrow. Some firm friendships and precious memories have already been created.

Bus due back to Invergordon Academy at approximately 3.00pm tomorrow.

Goodnight 😴