Adverse Weather

The school was able to contact a listed emergency contact for all pupils today, however, there were some issues with some of the telephone numbers provided. Mrs Nimmons uses her records from the annual data checks that take place at the beginning of every year. If there is any update to this information, including priority order for calling the emergency contacts you’ve provided, please contact the school office ASAP to update us.

In this situation, our priority is ensuring the pupils are able to get home safely, especially when the weather conditions are worsening.

Looking at the forecast for the rest of today, and tomorrow, more snow is set to come.

Please can I remind you of the number to call to find out about the school closure information.

Phone no. 0800 564 2272

Pin no. 042630

In Miss Munro’s absence, I will endeavour to update you as soon as a decision has been made but please can I remind you that this decision will be continually reviewed throughout the day as the weather conditions are very changeable.

If an earlier closure is decided, like today, we will begin to make contact with parents/guardians using the list of emergency contacts you have provided. This is why it is essential that this information is kept up to date.

Many thanks for your assistance,

Mrs Christie