Wet Weather

As you all know, the weather has been very wet over the past couple of days. We encourage the children to go out in all weathers, unless there’s a concern for their safety, so please can we ask for your support in ensuring your child is appropriately dressed for the Scottish winter at school!

Whilst we are very lucky to have such a vast area of grass to play on at break times this does mean that we are very prone to slippery areas. Over the past couple of days we have had multiple incidents of children slipping on the mud and becoming very wet due to stepping in puddles.

It would be very helpful if you could ensure your child has their P.E kit with them at school every Monday-Friday to allow them to change out of wet/muddy clothes before entering the classroom. We are happy to help with drying items but your child will need something to change into in the meantime . Even better, pop a spare change of clothes in their school bag!

Thank you 😊