Car Park Safety

Our Junior Road Safety Officers had a request from a parent a few weeks ago. The request was around changing the times that our flashing lights are active to warn drivers that there may be children out around the car park. The JRSO’s have contacted the traffic department and our school lights should now flash at the following times:

8.30 – 9.15 When children are coming into school / nursery

11.45-12.15 When nursery children are leaving

12.30-1.15 When children are coming to or from school for lunch

2.45-3.15 At the end of the school day

Car Park Safety

All pedestrians should use the pavement, there has been several incidents reported this week where Nursery and infant pupils are walking across the car park. Please help us to set a good example by sticking to the safest route (the pavement).

Sensible Parking  

Cars should only be parked in a parking bay. There have been several complaints about parents dropping off children in the middle of the car park. Not only is this putting the child’s safety at risk but it also causing the main entrance to the school to be blocked. Delivery drivers need access to the front door, it should not be blocked. Stick to the parking bays please. The local police liaison officer has offered to patrol our car park during the morning drop off times but we have assured him that we can address this issue without his support at the moment.