Message for P1 Parents 

Hello all, 

I am really looking forward to welcoming our 2016/17 Primary 1s to Milton at 9.00am on Tuesday 16th August.

A small reminder that your child should join their class line in the morning and I will come to collect them with the other teachers. Don’t worry if you are unsure, I’ll be about before the bell to keep you right 😉 For the first day only, you may accompany your child into the cloakroom to change their shoes and through to the classroom where you are free to take photographs of your child. At approximately 9.15am we will ask you to leave your child in our capable hands and collect them again at 12.30pm from the reception door. This collection time will continue for the rest of the week. A full school day will begin for all P1 pupils on Monday 22nd August from 9.00am-3.00pm. 
Ahead of Tuesday, I hope this poem puts your mind at ease. See you all bright and early in 2 sleeps 😊

Dear Parent,
I understand that you are scared

to wave your child goodbye

and leave them in a teacher’s hands

don’t worry if you cry!
I’m used to weeping parents

It’s hard to leave I know. 

But it’s time to share them (just a bit)

To help them learn and grow.
Let me reassure you

That I’ll give your child my best

I’ll wipe their tears, soothe their fears 

And change their dirty vests!
If your darling child is full of cold

I’ll blow their nose all day

Just like you, I’ll care for them

In a special way.
I’ll treat them like I would my own

I’ll catch them from a fall and

If there is ANY problem 

I’ll be sure to tell you all.
It’s true they’ll grow to love us

They’ll talk of school a lot

It doesn’t mean they hate you

And that you should lose the plot!
I’ll tell you a secret..

That when your child is here

They talk to me as much of you

Of this please have no fear.
You’ll always be their mother

Whilst teachers come and go

To them you are their number one

This I truly know.
Soon you’ll see some changes 

In your little girl or boy

They’ll become more independent 

And to see this, it’s a joy!
I’ll teach them all I have to give

To share, climb and to write

But to you they safely will return

To tuck them in at night.

With love from Mrs Christie ❤️