Day 2 Health Week

Yesterday, Lorna Baxter visited school to reinforce the importance of knowing the sugar content of our foods! She explored healthy and unhealthy mouths with the pupils and they had the opportunity to describe what this looked and felt like. Seth and Natasha gave an excellent demo of the length of time we should be brushing for- see pics below! Lorna left some excellent materials for us to explore including a leaflet on how you can support your child at home and a brush chart reminder so they can keep up the brushing during the holidays. P1/2 were also presented with “Top Brusher” awards- well done everyone 👍🏻

The children enjoyed a session with Ross Sutherland rugby coaches! Great fun was had by all as the pupils explored key skills required to be a successful rugby player. Miss Spicer left her session very puffed out as the coaches suggested the pupils chase her for a “cool down” 😅 she was too fast for P1/2 but didn’t fancy her chances up the school!!!