A Starlab is coming to Milton!

star lab

On Thursday 21st April 2016 @ 9.30am we have a 7ft high Starlab coming to the school and several other excellent workshops for the children to enjoy! We are so thrilled to be taking part in the Tim Peake Project School.  

These are the workshops P5-7 will be participating in next week:

Train Like an Astronaut

  • Duration 30 minutes

Pupils take part in a series of 4-5 activities in rotation designed to simulate skills tests that real life astronauts undergo during training to go into space.

Find out how dexterous, agile, patient and hardworking astronauts like Tim Peake have to be!

Starlab/ ISS presentation

  • Duration 30 –  45 minutes
  • The Starlab requires a room at least 7 m in diameter and 3.2 m high 


  • Duration 30 minutes

We will bring our collection of meteorites for your class to investigate. We will tell you all about meteorites while the children handle the meteorites and then ask your pupils to use their observational skills to find the meteorites hidden in our box of rocks.

Rocket Workshop                                                              

  • Duration one and a half hours
  • Pencils, scissors and sticky tape required

Work in pairs to design and build a simple rocket. How far will it fly? Can you make changes to your design that will make it fly further?