A trip to Blythswood…

Primary 5/6/7 learning all about the Shoebox appeal down an the Blythswood warehouse at Deephaven today…”We really can make other people happy this year”.  
  The children had prepared some excellent questions to ask about the Shoebox appeal. 
“It’s hard to believe the shoe boxes leave Evanton and travel all the way to Eastern Europe and even Pakistan”.

“We found out that every single box is packed by the public then it has to be double checked at the warehouse for customs reasons. There are already shoeboxes there which have been filled!”

“Adrienne gave us a tour of the warehouse and explained what happens to every single item after it is handed into the store. Some items are washed , some go to shops , some things even end up abroad. Nothing is wasted. Old plates and cups are smashed up and recycled to make our roads!”

“We helped to count the leaflets so they could be posted out to other schools that are interested in taking part just like us!”

“When we arrived back at school we got to work to wrap more shoe boxes.   On Friday  every Milton family will receive a pre wrapped box. We would love the boys and girls to pop in whatever they can and bring their box back after the holidays”.

  “Primary 5/6/7 are here to help, don’t panic about the shoebox. At assembly tomorrow we will be explaining all about the things we can put inside each box!”